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What is Aka Dua?

Aka Dua is experienced as an energy field with healing properties. Although it has been likened to the prana associated with channeled energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Aka Dua has been defined as a subtle substance which attaches itself to, and integrates itself with, the practitioner. As a master practitioner of both Reiki and Aka Dua, I personally experience Aka Dua as the more powerful energy. Most energy practitioners report a strengthening of their existing abilities upon receiving an Aka Dua transmission.


What's It Good For?

Not only is the Aka Dua a powerful energy healing modality, it is also versatile. Aka Dua lends itself not only to traditional energy healing, but also to use in creative endeavors, and for facilitating shifts in emotions and consciousness – so helpful to those on a path of personal and spiritual growth. Thus Aka Dua has been known to facilitate change not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Click here for a comprehensive list of benefits of Aka Dua.


Nature of Aka Dua

Each practitioner’s experience with Aka Dua is unique, and depends largely upon dedication and practice. Aka Dua’s versatility may stem, in part, from its multiple forms of manifestation. Whereas other energy healing modalities generally refer to a single energetic frequency or vibration, Aka Dua manifests as a family of seven distinct vibrations, which reside in the body of the practitioner. Each of the seven vibratory frequencies of Aka Dua roughly corresponds to one of the seven main chakra energy centers. (See figure at upper right.)



Legend puts the roots of Aka Dua in Atlantis. From there it is said to have evolved and been secretly passed down through ancient Toltec shamanic lineage, before being released to the public in 2007 in preparation for the pending planetary shift in consciousness associated with the new 26,000 year cycle which began in 2012.


My Opinion

Whether or not you are able to buy into the legendary claims becomes irrelevant when faced with first hand experience of Aka Dua’s properties. I, myself, was originally a skeptic. However, while noting that each person’s experience is unique, I now credit the Aka Dua for having been instrumental in my own personal and spiritual transformation. If it calls to you, I can’t recommend it highly enough.