Conscious Peace
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Conscious Peace Life Coaching Sessions

are conducted via Skype, phone, or in person

in Riverside, CA.


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 Benefits of Spiritual Life Coaching


  • Clarify what is truly important to you
  • Reconnect with your Authentic Self​​​
  • Recognize your inner greatness
  • Tap into your inner wisdom​​​
  • Release old debilitating patterns and create empowering new ones​​​
  • Discover your life purpose​​​
  • Discover your connection with the Creative Power of the Universe​​​
  • Learn to trust your inner wholeness
  • Find courage to follow your passion​​​
  • Step out of the past and into the dawn of a new day where you can live your chosen life path with integrity, love, and conscious intent.​​
  • Manifest your dreams​​​


Spiritual Life Coaching

For Transition, Transformation and Personal Growth


Empowering stuck, yet determined souls
To dismiss outdated limiting beliefs,
Unleash inner greatness,
Courageously break free of the falsely comforting confines of brittle cocoons,
And spread wondrously capable wings
To fly transformed,
Fulfilling dreams with heart, authentic purpose, and conscious intent.


What magnificence hides waiting within your cocoon?


What is Life Coaching?

​Too often people lose their identities in their jobs, their peers, relationships and debilitating programming, thus leading to stagnation and feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration, and resentment.

Life Coaching awakens women to an awareness that they are the creators of their own realities. Awareness empowers them to take responsibility for their lives. From this authentic place of loving empowerment, they begin to design their lives with passion and conscious intent.

What to Expect

A coaching relationship is a partnership which assumes that you are healthy, whole, resourcefully creative and fully capable of living a life consistent with your dreams. As your coach, I do not supply you with answers. Rather I help you to uncover your own answers and capabilities lying dormant within you.

What Life Coaching is Not

​Life coaching is not therapy. Anyone in need of therapy is advised to seek out the help of a licensed therapist before hiring a coach. Therapy and coaching may be conducted concurrently with the approval of a therapist. I (Joan) am not a therapist.

Who can Benefit from Coaching?

​Anyone struggling with challenges and who is determined to move forward.

​I have experience working with individuals and groups struggling with stress, frustration, indecision, relationship issues, abuse, eating disorders, homelessness, financial issues, and life transitions, helping them to find the courage to climb out of well-worn ruts to discover and harness their innermost strengths and goals. Nothing brings me greater joy than being witness to my clients' demeanors brighten with newfound clarity, confidence, excitement and peace.


What Can Coaching Do for You?

​Coaching can help shed light on your hidden creativity, capabilities and resources, exposing powerlessness as a deceptive illusion.  Using proven techniques, I can help you get back in tune with your authentic self and guide you to the realization that you hold infinite creative potential.
Clearly envisioning and manifesting the life you truly desire is fully within your grasp.  At this very moment, everyone is free to choose a life of infinite possibilities - even you!

When will you claim your power of conscious creation?

I receive great joy helping women climb out of well worn ruts and gain the clarity and confidence to live up to their authentic greatness. I would be honored to guide and support you on this, your sacred journey.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Joan McCullough, BS, CC




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