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Hypnotist Tellman Knudson says:

​"NLP is like hypnosis on steroids!"

Yet, unlike hypnosis, NLP requires NO trance.

Clients remain fully conscious. 

Henry Ford told us that if you believe you can, you can.  

NLP tells us that if you don't believe you can,

you can change that belief so that you do believe you can.




Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP? 

NLP is a series of tools for communicating simply and effectively with the subconscious mind while being fully conscious. Results are swift and sometimes eliminate the need for years of therapy. (Listen to what Dr. Richard Bandler has to say on the right.)


How Does It Work? 

NLP recognizes that all change begins in the subconscious mind and utilizes swift simple techniques to reprogram the subconscious to become aligned with what we already want for ourselves consciously. When our conscious and subconscious minds are on the same page, we can consciously and more effectively utilize the Law of Attraction to our advantage. (Of course we need to take action too!)


What Can NLP Change?
  • Limiting Beliefs (which cause self-sabotage of finances, career choice, health or relationships)​
  • Conflicting Feelings (when your gut pulls you in one direction and reason in another)​
  • Pet Peeves (Wouldn't it be nice if that annoying person in your life wasn't able to pull your triggers?)
  • "Unsolvable" Problems (Discover a new way of looking at that "impossible" situation.)
Changing a limiting belief is simply a subtle, yet profound energy shift as your Conscious and Unconscious minds come back into alignment. And when these two aspects of mind are in alignment, the Unconscious Mind begins conveying your conscious intentions to your Higher Self, which in turn, attracts events, people and circumstances into your life according to the Law of Attraction.
You see, the Law of Attraction really does work. It's just that, too often, the Conscious Mind has forgotten how to effectively communicate with the Unconscious Mind, resulting in the Unconscious Mind continuing to tell the Higher Self to send us the same old stuff that we were conditioned to believe when we were a young child.

This is where Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help.

NLP updates that old, obsolete programming, which may once have served a valuable purpose, but which now lingers as the source of much self-sabotage.

I have seen it work in my practice again and again. Sometimes the effects are more profound than at others. However, if one technique doesn't work well, there is usually another that does.​                                       

Coaching with NLP can help a little or it can be absolutely profound. Usually the results are somewhere in between.

If you'd like to check it out for yourself, let me know. Let's sit down together and do this thing! 

Contact Joan for more information or to schedule a session:
(951) 662-7797​