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9:11 and the Proven Power of Love

With the world as crazy as it is these days, I feel it is important for each of us to take responsibility and do our part by recognizing our co-creative power. With meditation, we can begin being proactive, even before getting up from the couch.

The Maharishi Effect proves that people meditating together can have a profound effect on the surrounding environment, such as by reducing crime, violence and terrorism. Thus even the couch potato can do his part toward global peace and unity.

Use your preferred method of meditation or use the versions shown to the right. Please share widely and meditate often. It is my personal intention to meditate for global peace and unity every evening around 9:11 p.m. for 15 to 30 minutes. Please join me while, together, we recreate our own Maharishi Effect.

When people around the world in every time zone join in this co-creative activity, then we will have people meditating for peace 24/7, which means that whatever time of day you choose to join in, the Maharishi effect will be active. 

If you remain unconvinced of the profound power of group meditation on global behavior, watch the short video below by quantum physicist, John Hagelin:






An Urgent Message

I originally posted this page on 9/11 of 2017. 9/11 has been a recurrent theme in my life for over a year now. 9:11 repeatedly appeared to me from my clock for many months until, still not taking the hint, I awoke one morning at 9:11, bolting out of bed when my mattress suddenly caught fire beneath me. It was a "fluke" electrical fire, which came complete with blazing sirens and handsome firemen. Apparently, the Universe had decided that, not having taken the more subtle 9:11 hints as to the urgency of the situation, I needed a more graphic nudge. Miraculously, I escaped that day with all of my belongings intact, save for my bed and bedding. Even the boxes stored beneath my bed remained unscathed. It seems that God was looking out for me, even when my thick-headed brain failed to grasp His more subtle message. What was the message? The world is at a critical crossroads. We can no longer sit on the sidelines claiming we are powerless. It is up to me - and you - each and every one of us who hears this message - to take responsibility and do our part to co-create a new world with heart, from the powerful place of love.

To this end, please join me and others in a regular meditation on world peace. For consistency's sake, let's say at 9:11 p.m. daily. Or even weekly. Or at a more convenient time of your choosing. Whenever you choose to meditate, there will, undoubtedly be others somewhere on the planet engaged in similar activity. Together, through the power of love, we do have the power to change the world. It's up to each of us. The time is now.

Peace / Shalom / Shanti


Joan McCullough